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2019 “Honda CONNECT” Vision Video Communication Project Introduction

Time: 2020-08-03 14:13:28

In August 2019, in order to directly convey the future vision for the young generations, HMCI enhanced its brand's recognition and favorability of the advanced nature in the ICV field. Honda maintained a deepened interpretation of brand technology and leading into the Honda CONNECT 2.0 listing. The main forms of this communication are video stream advertisement placement, topic interactions and SNS KOL cooperation. Based on the video content, a high-traffic video platform was selected to centrally expose the “Honda CONNECT” Vision videos and to create trending topics across social media platforms. Simultaneously, we worked with the KOLs in the fields of technology, entertainment, and lifestyles to increase the popularity of the videos and attract a large number of followers to interact and produce effective UGC.

Dentsu One, Honda's total solution agency, provides integrated communications planning, content output, and delivery execution supervision as well as effective reviews for all communications.

Advertising strategy for WDHAC's first high-quality electric SUV model X-NV


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