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2020 AVANCIER Innovative Online Launch: Go for Urban Life Cruising

Time: 2020-04-02 00:00:00

Due to the pandemic, all launch events went from being offline to online. It became a competition for marketers to find innovative solutions and host online events. On March 27, an innovative campaign captured the market’s attention; by creating an in-house theatre experience for automobile media to enjoy the minor model change online launch event of GHAC’s Flagship SUV AVANCIER.

Mysterious and delicate gift “NEW AVA.BOX”, coupled with the planning of interesting unboxing video full of curiosity and fun, presented a unique scene.

This time, GHAC not only planned an interesting interaction section for the new AVANCIER online launch but also delivered a delicate “Mysterious BOX” to hundreds of media nationwide one week in advance. When people received the mysterious black gift shaped like a book, they were immediately attracted by the mini-projector inside and started to have fun with it and post their photos on Moments. The theme of “Go for Urban Life Cruising” was thumbed up for numerous times. From this moment on, people took the initiative to spread the new AVANCIER and Honda also broke the pattern of traditional online new products launch.

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